This page contains various visualizations of the Neighborhood Public Art data. Click on an image to view the visualization in a new page.

Note on data incompletion: Our data is not comprehensive--we do not have records of every public artwork in Boston, nor do we have complete records for each of the artworks we did collect. For example, some artwork records we have collected may be missing attributes such as their street address, artist, funding scheme, and so on. As such, these visualization are limited to the recorded data, and may only depict a subset of the reality. That being said, if you have valid information regarding public artwork in Boston that we have not recorded in our dataset, feel free to upload it by viewing the instructions on our WikiProject.

These visualizations were created using SPARQL, a data querying language used by Wikidata. More visualizations can be found on our WikiProject's queries page here.

Schools attended by artists

Network of artworks and artists

People depicted in Boston art

List of Boston artworks