Network visualizations

This visualization shows the connections between each artist and the artwork they created. The nodes represent artworks and artists. They are either images of the artwork or artist, or contain their titles/names. Some artists created more than one artwork; likewise, some artworks were created by more than one artist. The edges (connections) in this network should reflect that. Click on a node to see its various attributes. Double click on a node to be directed to its Wikidata item page.

Note that as our data is not comprehensive, there may be more connections between Boston public artists and artwork that are not displayed in this visualization.

A brief glance at the visualization reveals that some nodes have many more connections than others. A notable creator of works is the Mayor’s Mural Crew, a Boston Parks and Recreation program. The Mayor’s Mural Crew was founded in 1991 as an effort to cover graffiti with inspiring public art and has since hired many young artists and funded the creation of murals, exhibits, and street art. Other notable artists with several artworks to their name include Robb “Problak” Gibbs and Victor “Marka27” Quiñonez.