Schools attended by artists

The following bubble chart displays the schools attended by creators of public art in Boston neighborhoods. The sizes of the bubbles correspond to the number of artists that attended those schools.

Note, however, that since the data is not comprehensive, this visualization may not fully reflect the number of artists attended at each school. For example, if one school is said to have two artists who attended it, that only means that we have documented two artists who attended that school in our data so far.

Based on the collected data, the two schools with the highest number of Boston public artists are the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Both of these schools are located in Boston and have programs fostering Boston-based artwork and artist networks. Several other universities featured here with relatively high numbers of artist alumni are in the Boston area, including Harvard, Boston University, Emerson College, and MIT.

This graph visualization provides an alternative display of the schools attended by creators of public art, showing which artists attended each school.